Anthony (Tony) Lewis is the father of Virginia Lewis and husband of Christine White. He is the only one who can understand Prince Wendell in dog form. [Magic bean]

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Tony Lewis met Christine Slevil at her debut to society and was instantly taken by her beauty and they fell in love. The two were married when they where quite young, in their early 20's maybe even late teens, much to the chargin of Christine's mother. After the birth of his daughter, Virginia, Christine slowly became different from the woman he loved and married. After she almost drowned the seven-year-old Virginia, who was saved by her father, Christine went missing. To let Virginia have a better childhood he told her she left the family rather than telling her she was almost drowned by her own mother.

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After fleeing the scene from the back of the police car, Tony finds himself running into Virginia while still handcuffed, meets Prince. While Prince Wendell continues to bark, Virginia tells Tony he's (the dog) trying to talk. Tony remembering be still has a wish left, wishes he could understand everything Prince is trying to say. The barking turns into Prince Wendell's voice. Tony being amazed at his newfound ability, tells Virginia he can understand him.

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