The Swamp Witch was queen of the Fourth Kingdom and wife to Snow White's father. After her husband's death,
she became queen as Snow White was still a child. Jealous of her stepdaughter's beauty, she tried to assassinate Snow White three times before finally succeeding with a poisoned apple.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Very little is known about the Swamp Witch and her accession to the throne, outside of at one point she acquired five magical mirrors. The magical mirrors are described as the source of her power.

Reign as Queen Edit

Some time after the former queen's death she became acquainted with the king and the two married. The King intended to provide a loving mother to Snow White.

Every day she went to one of her mirrors to ask, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?". The mirror always told her the same, until one day its answer was: "You, my Queen, are fair to see. But Snow White is fairer far than thee." After listening to the mirror she was so overcome by her jealousy and anger that she ordered her huntsman to take her step-daughter into the woods and kill her.

Assassination attempts on Snow White Edit

However, the huntsman did not kill the young princess who begged him not to kill her. She took off running into the woods. The Evil Queen would continue to search for Snow White with her mirrors and finally she found the princess hiding in a cottage. The Evil Queen disguised herself as a peddler and traveled great distances to try and kill Snow White. She brought Snow White gifts: a corset to crush her ribs, a comb to poison her, and an apple to choke her to death. However, the Queen was not successful till the poisoned apple. She held Snow White in her arms as she choked on the apple.

Punishment Edit

When Snow White and the Prince were married, the Evil Queen was forced to attend the ceremony. There she was forced to wear red hot slippers made of iron. She had to "dance" all night. Finally, the Evil Queen was able to crawl away from the wedding and into the swamp where she could plot her revenge. She never recovered and was too weak to carry out any revenge plots.

Searching a successor Edit

With the knowledge she was weakening, the Evil Queen became the Swamp Witch as she laid out plans that would ruin the House of Snow White forever. She knew that her end was near and she searched far and wide for a successor. One of her mirrors finally showed her a woman who was running in the woods. Sensing the chance, the Swamp Witch offered the woman a chance to escape and become the strongest and beautiful woman in the world. This woman was Christine Lewis.

Legacy Edit

The Swamp Witch was buried with the poisoned comb and a poisoned apple in her hands. She gave Christine, her student, all her knowledge and magic in hopes that the House of White would be ruined. The Evil Queen almost managed to cause the ruin of all the Nine Kingdoms through her student.


  • Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?
  • Are you lost, my child? Come with me and you will lose your pain forever. I am dying but my work is unfinished. You will do my work for me and I will give you all my power!
  • Beneath my palace you will find the source of my power. Mirrors to travel, mirrors to spy, mirrors to remember, mirrors to forget, mirrors to rule the world.