Rapunzel is queen of the sixth kingdom. She is one of the great women who changed history. When Rapunzel was a baby she was taken by a witch and grew up in a tower.

Physical Description Edit

As she never appeared,it is unknown what she looks like but one thing's for sure, she had a long braid of flowing silky hair which was long enough to serve as a ladder to her tall tower. In most versions of the story, Rapunzel is described as fair with golden locks.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Rapunzel was born to a peasant family. Before her birth her father got into trouble with his neighbor The Witch for stealing radishes due to Rapunzel's mother's pregnant cravings. The witch agreed but on one condition the baby born was hers, the man agreed. The child was born and taken away from her devastated parents. When the child was twelve she was locked in a tower every day the witch came.

Rescue Edit

One day a prince was wandering in the woods when he spotted the tower. he climbed it and saw Rapunzel. One day the old witch was combing Rapunzel's hair when she asked mother how is it you climb rough while my prince is softer the old witch cut Rapunzel's hair and banished her in the end the prince and Rapunzel married.

Queen of 6th kingdom Edit

Rapunzel became the queen of the Sixth Kingdom. Her popularity among her subjects must have been great as her name is remembered as one of the great women who changed history. Like Snow White, she died of old age and like the fairest of them all, her departure from the living ended the reign of happily ever after.

One of her descendents was cursed by an evil fairy to die upon pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel but a benevolent fairy altered the spell so Rapunzel's descendent would merely fall into a sleep which would last for a hundred years and end once a prince awoke Rapunzel's descendent with true love's kiss.

Her Curse Edit

Years later, a spell was created in inspiration of Rapunzel's hair. The gypsy leader cast it on Virginia Lewis after she freed the gypsies stock of talking birds. The spell was designed to grant the victim the old queen's pain inflicted upon her by her braid. The long hair would weigh the victim down, intangle them and trap them forever.