This man was Cinderella's father. He died after marrying his second wife. The stepmother was cruel to Cinderella. His first wife died after a illness when Cinderella was a child. He took another wife three years later who had two daughters. When he died from a illness, his second wife took over and made Cinderella a slave

Life and Early Death

A kind and devoted father. This widowed man gave Cinderella every thing the young child desired. after the death of his first wife Cinderella's mother, Cinderella's father remarried a widow who in that time had two daughters of her own. Cinderella recieved a puppy from her father and a horse. His untimely death however brought his daughter in danger as his second wife forced her to become a servant The house fell into dissrepair. After Cinderella's father died Cinderella slept in the attic in their nice home.

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