Christine Slevil-Lewis-White (born Christine Slevil) was the Queen of the Fourth Kingdom after the death of the former Queen, Prince Wendell's mother. She slowly poisoned King Whitney and took over the kingdom herself. After a failed assassination attempt on Prince Wendell, she was imprisoned for years until she was freed by the Troll King. This was the reason why she was called The Evil Queen.


During her revenge, she tried to take over all the Nine Kingdoms and kill every monarch of the kingdoms. She poisoned her ally, the Troll King, and tried to kill her new foe, Virginia. After being confronted by Virginia, who revealed that she was her daughter, Christine was in denial as to her connection to Virginia, still giving her a chance to flee and save herself. After Virgina refused Christine used a magic mirror to attempt to strangle Virginia before she managed to break free and was imprisoned. The Evil Queen was killed by Virginia while trying, once more, to strangle her.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Christine Slevil was born in Manhattan, New York City to a wealthy family. She was raised in the ways of the rich and the powerful by her mother, a member of New York's elite whose only interest was money. Her father is never mentioned. While growing up, she was noted for her exceeding beauty and grace.

Marriage Edit

Christine married Tony Lewis when she was in her early 20's. The exact date of their marriage remained unknown. Sometime after their marriage, Christine got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter whom they named Virginia. At some point, the marriage began to crumble and Christine openly cheated on Tony with men who would spoil her. Tony remained with Christine but realized that something was wrong with her. Tony told Virginia "she just kept getting worse". When Virginia was only 7, her mother prepared her a hot bath. Christine tried to drown her own child. When Christine realized her deeds, she fled her home and family in horror. Tony arrived in back home in time before anything happened to Virginia. Christine, still shaken by her own deeds, fled to the park. In a distraught state, it grabbed the attentions of the Swamp Witch (aka the first Evil Queen who killed Snow White). She took Christine to her world and vowed to make her into her apprentice to have her revenge on the House of White.

Life in the 4th KingdomEdit

Becoming QueenEdit

After completing her lessons with the Swamp Witch, Christine infiltrated the Royal Palace as nursemaid to the young Prince Wendell, gradually gained their trust and had access to all three members of the Royal Family. She slowly began poisoning Queen Ashley until she died in her sleep. It was during his mourning that Christine took advantage of his weak moment and began to seduce him. After a period of mourning Whitney married her so that she could become a mother to Wendell, and to have a woman at his side who would be always there for him helping to raise his son. Thus, she became consort to the King.

Queen of the 4th KingdomEdit

Now the new Queen of the Fourth Kingdom, Christine continued her plan by slowly poisoning her new husband King Whitney until he too died. She then turned her attention to the young Prince Wendell who would inherit the throne to the Fourth Kingdom when he turned twenty-one. To finish the Swamp Witch's revenge, and to ensure her own absolute power over the Fourth Kingdom, Christine started to slowly poison Prince Wendell.

When the royal physicians tended to him they discovered he was being poisoned. After an investigation, the new Queen's plot was discovered. Because of the cruelty of her crimes (and that she had learned how to magically prolong her life from the Swamp Witch) Christine was sentenced to 1000 years imprisonment in the Maximum Security wing in the Snow White Memorial Prison.


While imprisoned, she began planing a new plot to fulfill her duty to the Swamp Witch, restore her power and take over all Nine Kingdoms. The first step was to trick her guards into letting her keep a dog as her companion and pet.

During an inspection visit by Prince Wendell, she was found in her cell by the Troll King who freed his children earlier. She promised him half of the Fourth Kingdom in return for her release. This new alliance was discovered by Wendell when the trolls captured him. The Evil Queen tricked the Prince as her dog jumped on him, magically swapping the consciousness of each into the other. Wendell, in the form of the dogs body, ran away from the scene, forcing the Queen to send the Troll Kings children after him, as well as her newly employed slave Wolf.

Plot for revengeEdit

The search for Prince WendellEdit

The Queen gave orders to capture the newly transformed Prince Wendell and escaped the prison by riding inside the Prince's own coach, which no one would stop to check. Returning to one of her castles she uncovered her magic mirrors and began using them to track down Wendell as well as keep an eye on the Troll King.

Restoring the PowerEdit

As our unlikely heroes continue to elude her, she sends for the Huntsman, her most loyal servant, with orders to capture the dog-prince. She also begins training the dog-turned-Wendell how to act exactly like the real Prince Wendell.

Broken AllianceEdit

Unable to contain the Troll King's rampage, having lost her Wendell-in-training imposter, and being unable to capture the real Wendell, the Queen travels through a mirror and seeks advice from the Swamp Witch, the original Evil Queen. She responds by holding out an apple and asking, "How did I kill Snow White?" Upon returning to the castle, the Queen learns the false Wendell has been found and orders the Troll King to be contacted, saying his children will be killed if he doesn't meet with her at the orchard. She travels to the apple orchard, presumably killing the family there upon learning that the fake Wendell had told them everything. When the Troll King arrives an hour early for their meeting, Relish and his soldiers all partake of the luscious apples in the orchard and then hide in order to ambush the Queen. At seeing the Queen appear, he calls them to surround her but is stunned as he and his soldiers begin to drop dead. She congratulates the king on his foresight but exclaims if he had been there two hours early, he would have found her poisoning the apples.

A new foeEdit

The Queen began realizing that there was somebody who posed a threat to her. Although she tried to use her magic mirrors to learn the identity of those who helped Prince Wendell, she was unable to see them due to a spell Snow White cast to protect Virginia and Tony Lewis. Not knowing why her magic was not working she tried to get Wolf into revealing the identities of those he traveled with.

Triumph and FallEdit

It was the Queen's greatest triumph that led to her downfall. During her life in New York, she considered her daughter to be her greatest triumph before her sanity vanished, and it would be her daughter that brought about her death. During Prince Wendell's coronation, she had the guests (including royalty from the remaining eight kingdoms) poisoned (though in fact it was Troll dust used to make them sleep but appear dead, a trick on the part of Wolf). When Virginia was brought before her after being captured she gave her the chance to flee and then berated her when she wouldn't, strangling her before Virginia broke away. After locking away her enemies in the dungeons, they managed to escape and set out to stop the Queen.

A fight ensued in which the Huntsman was killed fighting Wolf when one of his own magic arrows that had been shot upwards landed in his back. The Queen once more tried to strangle Virginia but was instead scratched by the poisoned hair comb Virginia had found in the Swamp Witch's tomb. Realizing that her death was now inevitable, the Queen turned and took a few steps before falling to the floor. In Virginia's arms, her sanity finally returned and she lamented her own actions, remembering who she was and that Virginia was her "little girl", whom she assured she did love. She acknowledged that it was too late for her saying "I gave away my soul" before dying.


Despite all her actions her body was treated with proper respect, King Wendell offered his sympathy to the Queen's daughter, realizing the kind and loving Mother she must have been before becoming the most powerful and evil woman in the Nine Kingdoms history. Virginia witnessed that her Mother's magic still prevailed even in death, as the Withered Rose that Wendell had given her, first given to him by Snow White many years before, burst in to bloom after coming in contact with Christine's hands, and a final farewell to her little girl.